Spooling is the Windows process in which printing jobs on the user’s computer hold on a temporary basis and later the jobs are sent for the printer when the printer is available. The data or document initiated for printing is referred to as the print job. In the technical terms, we can say the acronym Print Spooler service stand for the simultaneous online peripheral functions. 

While using the print spooler, the technical troubles can also occur. In that situation, you may want to restart the Print Spooler Service on your device. Also, there can be an instance, when you want to prevent the spooler from processing the queued printing jobs to the printer. In this guide, we will be sharing the simple instructions that are going to help you to restart the printer spooler on your Windows device.

Restart Print Spooler – From the Command Prompt

Below are the steps to  :

  • Go to the ‘Start’ menu. In the search box, type ‘Command. Now, you need to right-click on the ‘Command Prompt’ in the search result and tap on ‘Run as Administrator’ option. 

  • On the ‘User Account Control’ dialog, tap on the Yes. This will open the command prompt with administrative access on your system’s screen. 

  • At the prompt, type ‘Net Stop Spooler. This will show you the status message indicating that ‘Print Spooler Service is Stopping’. When the Printer Spooler service is stopped, the second message will appear on your screen saying that ‘ The Print Spooler Service was stopped successfully’. 

  • Now, you need to type ‘net Start Spooler’ at the prompt and hit the Enter button. This will display a message saying that ‘Print Spooler service is starting’. Once the service restarts, you will receive a second status message saying that ‘ The Print Spooler service was started successfully’. 

  • Hit the ‘Exit’ button and then ‘Enter’ key. This will close the command prompt.

Restart Print Spooler – From Windows Service List

  • Press and hold the ‘Windows + R’ key from your keyboard. 

  • In the Run command box, type ‘msc’ and hit the Enter button. 

  • In the next window, scroll to the down and find out the ‘Print Spooler’ service. 

  • Now, right-click on the Print Spooler and click on the ‘Start’, ‘Stop’ and ‘Restart’ as needed.

Printer Spooler Restart

To fix the Print Spooler not running issue, you can click on the Restart option. Click on ‘Stop’ and ‘Start’ spooler for preventing the Print spooler from processing the printing jobs send to the printer and to save the pages.

The Bottom Line 

Printer Spooler service is used for providing the temporary storage space to the printing jobs on your PC. Problems in Print Spooler service can slow the printing process and you may even start receiving the spooler error messages. However, you can resolve this problem with Print Spooler Restart. In this guide, we have shared all the necessary details you need to restart the print spooler. So, follow the mentioned guidelines carefully and resolve the printing troubles you are facing with the device.